Our Project

A New Look – Our ambition is to go beyond the simple landscape of craft beer. We aim to create new ways of collaborating among brewers and breweries.

Laboratory – Our intent is to investigate new ways of working in the world of craft brewing and craftmanship. After 20 years of talking about craft beer, we felt it was time to conquer new territories.

Experimental brews – You start from a beer style, you pick it apart and you build it back up. Ingredients and brewing processes are tested in our lab before being applied to the actual brewery.

True Artisans – Being a craftsman means having the skills to turn ideas into something real. We decided to go beyond the hype and to create a center for developing specific skills and amazing products.

Artisan Friends – Beers are brewed on our friends’ brewing plants:the different setting, the different machinery and the hands of the brewer, the “Collabrewr”… all of these impart a single, special characteristic to each and every batch of beers. Each of our beer remains the same and yet acquires a distinct note that is typical of the brewery where it was made.

Clear – We study in our own offices the brewing processes, the packaging, the design and the communication connected to our products. Every aspect of our beer is personally made by us.


We believe in collabrewation as a way of collaborating between brewers. It goes beyond being a beer firm – we create solid bonds made by friendship and business partnership.

Our project has allowed us to create a team of professionals, friends, and fellow beer fanatics that share with us our love for experimenting in the world of craft brewing. We create unique beers that are the labour of our love.


 Our Beers

Laboratorio - Steamer 33 cl bottiglia

Laboratorio Steamer

Hopped Amber Ale.  Selected malts and a good part of rye. Strongly hopped for a grassy, pleasantly bitter taste.

Laboratorio - Cogs 33 cl bottiglia

Laboratorio Cogs

Brewed with roasted malts, Cogs is dark rich porter. We add cold brewed coffee from out own coffee roastery during conditioning to create a round, pleasant taste.

Laboratorio - Barn 33 cl bottiglia

Laboratorio Barn

A wheat beer, brewed with malted barley and wheat. Golden colored with a soft fluffy foam. We use prosecco yeast for a crips finish.

Laboratorio - Seson 33 cl bottiglia

Laboratorio Seson

A saison – originally brewed to be drank during summertime. In this beer, originally brewed in 2005, we add spices and citrus fruit for a surprisingly fresh outcome.

Laboratorio - Chiostro 33 cl bottiglia

Laboratorio Chiostro

Inspired by trappist beers, this beer is a Single Absinteah: a golden ale with wormwood flower that add a special aroma to its clean malty palate.